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Do you need to improve your sales team’s ability
to engage with customer senior business executives?


Alex Markevich, Founder and Managing Director of Magnolia Strategy, helps enterprise software companies grow and secure revenue by linking the impact of software to the most critical business priorities of their customers.

Alex combines insights from an international career spanning executive leadership, strategic management consulting, business architecture, and enterprise software sales with custom frameworks he developed specifically for this purpose.  He has served as a Chief Executive Officer, delivered over 50 strategic management consulting projects to senior executive clients in almost all industry sectors, led or advised on over 300 software sales engagements, and trained over 1,000 sales and sales support professionals in strategic selling.



Strategic Selling to Senior Business Executives

Target your customers’ most critical business priorities

Are you selling to the highest business transformation
value potential of your enterprise software offering?


Process operating models and business information flows link the transformation potential
of software to the competitive aspirations of senior strategic business executives



Strategic competitiveness conversations vs. typical software sales enagements

Strategic selling to the competitive aspirations of senior strategic business executives

unlocks access to unbudgeted capital funding for investments into competitiveness


Characteristics of strategic selling vs. lower maturity selling

Magnolia Strategy offers consulting, training, and mentoring in strategic selling

to senior strategic business executives who control the operating and capital budgets
used to drive their company’s competitive advantage


How smooth are your sales interactions
with senior business executives at customer companies?


  “That is a great way to lay out our business”

                             President of a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company

                             upon seeing process operting model and information flow

                             summary of the business


  “That makes sense”

                             COO of the same company upon seeing proposed
                             software adoption roadmap linked to the highest priority improvements

                             in process operating model and information flows


  “We can do that”

                             CFO of the same company in response to first software pricing offer

                             at the start of contract negotiations



Contact:    info@magstg.com